Grinder Chestnut G1 Black - Timemore


Not just amazing packaging but an awesome hand grinder with very even grind.

Quality through and through

Inside this impressive black box you will find the most exquisite hand grinder. From the moment you pick up this hand crafted grinder, even before you grind your first beans, you'll be sold. The detachable metal handle, its perfectly formed chestnut body, the sheer weight of it. Everything about it is reassuringly quality.

Crafted from one piece of  aluminium this grinder did not win a RedDot design prize in 2017 product for nothing. It's just awesome.

This Chestnut version has the walnut wood base and a slightly squared aluminium body which helps maintain a good grip for a stable grind action.

Set up

  • The adjusting is satisfyingly easy with the stepped grind adjustment.
  • Tighten the grind adjustment wheel all the way down to find the zero point.
  • Then count the clicks to get to where you want to grind - medium grind is about 15-24 clicks.
  • You'll be able to grind fine up to coarse with Chestnut G1

If you really want a very fine grind or to grind Turkish coffee please contact us for a price for the Chestnut G1S which has Italian titanium burrs.

Makes an awesome gift for any coffee lover. If you want to see more, just click here to watch the grinder in action.

You'll receive:

  • A G1 grinder
  • Storage pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual


  • Capacity 25-30g beans
  • Weight 570g
  • Dimensions 170mm x 50mm x 50mm
  • Aluminium body
  • Hardened stainless steel conical burrs HRC58
  • Burrs 38mm
  • Wooden knob on handle secured by a magnet
  • Walnut wood base with metal joint and magnetic fastening
  • Dot click adjustment to easily change size of grind
  • Dual bearing system to stabilise the shaft and ensure even grind
  • The body of the grinder and the base now have a metal join to ensure a more secure attachment

    Cleaning the grinders is easy, just unscrew, brush and put back together again. The following video will make it a breeze:

    There are now several different grinders to choose from in the Timemore range; 

    • Chestnut G1, 30g for pourover
    • Chestnut C2, 25g for pourover
    • Slim plus, 25g multi use
    • Nano, 18g pour over