Gringo Roastery


Guji Organic Etiopian | Gringo Rosteri | Kaffe bönor

The small region of Guji in southern Ethiopia, probably produces the world's most exciting coffee today; the variety and quality is unmatched. This Natural organic pearl from small family farms on the Dimtu Tero plantation is one of them. Here, the coffee has dried in its juicy cherry when fully ripe. The taste remind us of dried fruit, sweet berries and vanilla. It tastes great in all kind of brewers. Organically Certified.

Location: Dimtu Tero, Guji, Ethiopia

Quality: Grade 1

Type: Heirloom variety

Altitude: 1800-2130 meters

Cultivation: Small family farms

Machining: Natural

Drying: Sun

Families: 136

Production: 989 acres total