Disruptive Buenos Aires Filter 250g - LPDC


This coffee is guaranteed to blow your mind, not just the coffee but the box that it comes in too. A fine boxed bag of beans that you'll cherish every mouthful of.

Quality Italian coffee that will blow your mind. Le Piantagioni del Caffè (LDPC) have been roasting single estate coffee since 1994. They've good, direct relationships with the producers in each country to ensure the level of quality and farming is as premium as possible.

You don't need to be an expert to appreciate these delicious coffees. 

This is a natural processed (i.e. sun-dried) java variety coffee, which obtained the second place in the Cup of Excellence®, an award for the best coffees in the world!

The roast is purposely made for hand filter brewing in order to enhance the enveloping aromas of chocolate shortbread and chili pepper, the pleasant acidity and the chinotto citrus hints.

Perfect at any time of the day for a cup of luxury, fine tuned coffee.

A truly unique experience, overturning the concept of “coffee” in those people who have never approached an awarded coffee.

Violet, tamarind and milk chocolate aroma, pleasant acidity.

250g filter coffee