Filter V01 Glass - Crystal Eye - White holder - Timemore

Snow White

So you've got the white grinder, kettle and kitchen? Add some love and time in your brewing process and behold the twinkling beauty of the crystal eye. This ain't your average dripper either, it's not just about aesthetics, this beauty is designed into 3 difference parts:

1. Upper part - which is smooth so your filter paper sticks to the dripper to avoid water getting behind the paper.

2. Middle part - where water meets the coffee grounds. The grooves ensure the water will be distributed evenly over the coffee.

3. Lower part - the part with less grooves to ensure the water runs out evenly and the coffee grounds don't get stuck.

Impressive stuff. We said it wasn't your average dripper.

This is the smaller V01 version so be sure to stock up on the right sized filter papers from Timemore.