Mug Reusable/Fold. 12oz, Warm Grey - Hunu

Who Knew?

Nope, it's Hunu. New to our range. A cup that you can easily fold up and transport in your pocket, bag or car to decrease your detrimental impact on the environment. Imagine if everyone took their own cup to get their daily coffee fix, that'd be few tons of wastage that's easy to save.

Pocket sized, collapsable and great quality. You'll love the feel of the cup and the knowledge that you're saving a paper cup's life.

Perfect to carry around the city or to use as a travel mug or camping cup. It is lightweight, durable and portable. The built in plug makes it leakproof meaning no leaks in your pocket once folded down and stowed away.


  • 12oz (355ml)
  • Warm Grey with lid 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free - super safe silicon