Single Dose Hoppper, white - Baratza


The Single Dose Hopper allows you to just use the beans you want for your brewing recipe to reduce waste and makes it easier to switch between different coffee blends.

The dual purpose lid of the hopper integrates a cup for dosing on your preferred weighing scale and a transfer vessel for your dose to pour directly into your grinder.

This hopper helps streamline your workflow and make your grinding quick and clean, while minimizing the gadgets on your coffee station - at home or at work.

To install, simply remove the standard hopper, replace this hopper in the exact same way as you normally would, and you’re ready to go! Does not require additional tools or modifications.


The dual function lid is made with a soft touch, non-slip surface

13cm high

8cm diameter

Capacity 60g

Compatible with Encore, Virtuoso+, Vario, Vario-W and Forte grinders.

Not compatible with Baratza Sette grinders.