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March 17, 2023 2 min read

Remember; Quality is always better

The scene: it's 10 AM, you woke up super early, you've had 4 meetings already. You run to the office's kitchen and bam! a primeval coffee machine, barely functioning, caked in years of coffee residuals, filled with old coffee beans from heaven only knows which decade but "ok", you think. "It is bearable, it is hot" and I am desperate for a brew! You pour it in your cup, you drink it... there's sugar in it. You're in a rut and this is your daily habit, which you hate yourself for falling into.

I know you've been there because we all have, friend. It's better to take that cup of brown goo that's offered rather than live without, right? WRONG! We want to help you see that there's a way out and one that both your body and soul will thank you for. Stand up for your coffee rights and free those flavors!  Here is our guide to brew out of home, at the office or wherever the need takes you! 

You've access to some good quality pods that are filled with specialty coffee? Get you! Well, try the Wacaco NS2 press. This is a piece of cake. Fill up the container with hot water, put your pod in the other end and pump away! Within a couple of minutes an espresso complete with crema will be beaming back up at you. Has a travel cup with it and is so small it'll fit into your bag (just make sure to have hot water and you'll be good to go!)

The Nanopress Adaptor allows the Nanopresso to use Nespresso small size capsules

But if you're into fresh, recently ground coffee, here are your options: 

Absolutely the most impressive way is the Nano Brew Carrying Kit by Timemore it is the size of a MacBook and it comes with everything you need to brew and pour over a tasty cup. Not only is a grinder, kettle and filter holder in this set but also a tiny filter paper for the 00 size and bean containers. Who needs a briefcase?

Black suitcase containing the Nano Brew Carrying Kit by Timemore

You'll find many cyclists use the AeroPress on their journeys, not only as it's lightweight and made of robust plastic but you can use either the Nano travel or the Slim grinder, both from Timemore, to grind your beans straight into it.

Image shows the AeroPress brewer

One of our favourite ways when camping or on a boat, is the Clever Dripper. Brewing doesn't get more simple or straightforward than this. You just need ground coffee, filter paper and hot water. It's an immersion technique where you need very little skill or special equipment. Just ensure you fill the brewer up with hot water and your ground coffee, leave for approx 3 minutes then put the brewer on a mug. The valve under the dripper releases the coffee quickly and sediment free into your chosen vessel. A winner everytime!

The image displays a coffee dripper called Clever Dripper

Still need inspiration? Or you want to create your own kit? Just get in touch and we'll do our best to guide you!

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