Distributor Peakabrew - Peakabrew


Distribute your ground coffee easily in your portafilter with the help of this distributor.

A barista tool you won't want to be without. Ensures an even distribution of coffee without having to use your fingers.

The distribution of the coffee can make an huge impact of the taste of the coffee. If the coffee is not straight or uneven the water will not run through the puck evenly causing imperfections in the taste.

Consistency is key, the Peak A Brew distributor helps to reduce inconsistency to give a better, even extraction.

It's easy to use:

Adjust by screwing the base up or down to fit the height of basket

Place the distributor on the freshly ground coffee

Twist and lift, the angled underside of the tool ensures the coffee glides around and is evenly placed.

You'll have an even puck of coffee without any messing with your fingers.

Suitable for 58mm porter filters, weighing in at just over 530g, it packs a punch!