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June 21, 2023 3 min read

Fine Grinding

Coffee lovers know that freshly ground coffee beans make a huge difference in the taste and aroma of their daily cups. However, not all coffee grinders are created equal. In fact, the quality of the grind can be just as important as the quality of the beans. That's why it's important to choose the right coffee grinder for your needs.

Types of Coffee Grinders

There are two main types of coffee grinders: blade grinders and burr grinders.

Blade grinders are the most affordable type of coffee grinder. They work by using a spinning blade to chop the coffee beans into small pieces, like a blender. Not granting any pattern to your bean and not being able to decide exact coarseness. This can lead to uneven extraction and a less-than-perfect cup of coffee.

Burr grinders, on the other hand, use two revolving abrasive surfaces (burrs) to crush the coffee beans into a consistent size. This results in a more even grind and a better-tasting cup of coffee. Burr grinders come in two main types: conical and flat. Conical burrs are typically found in more expensive grinders and are known for their ability to produce a more uniform grind. Flat burrs are found in both expensive and affordable grinders and are often easier to clean.

Fun fact: we don't sell blade "grinders". Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to improving your brew, so there's no point in selling something we don't believe in.

Manual vs. Electric Grinders

Another factor to consider is whether you want a manual or electric grinder.

Manual grinders require you to use your own muscle power to grind the coffee beans, while electric grinders use a motor to do the work for you. Manual grinders are often less expensive and more portable, but they require more effort to use, though many people like the feeling of the beans changing form with a little manual love.  For grinders that will change your coffee drinking world as you know it, check out Timemore's range. They're more affordable than some of their competition, and with great build quality and grind consistency. 

Electric grinders are quick, convenient and can produce a more consistent grind with the push of a button; but they can be noisy, more expensive and take up space in your kitchen / brewing corner!  There are a lot on the market and this year, 2023, has been a record year for new electric grinders on the market from Varia, Fellow and Timemore. 

Take into consideration the sound of the grinder and your home - you don't want to wake everyone up when you're trying to sneakily have your morning brew in peace.

Grind Settings

There's a lot to consider when buying a grinder, firstly, what kind of coffee do you brew most? If you drink only espresso then make sure that your grinder can cope with the fine grinds, some electric grinders such as the Ode from Fellow are absolutely not for espresso, but the Opus will do that and more. 

Once you've thought about what kind of coffee you like to drink, make sure that the grinder is capable of grinding the beans to your liking. What grinder settings does it have?  Some grinders offer only a few preset settings, while others offer a wide range of options. It's important to choose a grinder that allows you to adjust the grind size, as different brewing methods require different grinds. For example, espresso requires a very fine grind, while French press requires a coarser grind.

Your best coffee gadget

So, make sure that before choosing your coffee brewing friend, that you know whether you''ve space in your kitchen for an electric grinder or whether you want to feel the manual joy of creating your brew.

Ultimately, it's important to choose a grinder that meets your needs and budget, and that allows you to adjust the grind size for different brewing methods.

It is an important step in making your coffee taste much better, so choose wisely and if you can, pay a little extra for a grinder companion you'll have for years, rather than months.  

Ask us for tips about some of our favorite grinders. For the love of a consistent grind! 

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