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April 13, 2023 2 min read

Ground or Holy Whole Beans?

For the love of quality coffee. We all know that in order to get the best brew you've got to grind your beans and use them straight away, it's that simple. Don't go grinding a whole bag at once, the quality starts to decrease every minute; basically, it's a ticking bomb until your coffee doesn't taste the same as the first cup from that bag.

Try to look for whole beans and a dark roast isn't mandatory

We get it, not everyone has a grinder or thinks it's necessary. Some have always bought pre-ground dark-roasted coffee and that's their way, but what if you want to go wild and test something new? Push those little taste buds and see what lies beyond your burnt roast, sorry dark roast. Can the supermarket offer anything other than mainstream you wonder? Fun fact: going in the opposite direction of what many people believe, dark-roasted coffee has less caffeine than its light-roasted siblings. So don't come at us saying that you like it strong and rough, the kick you need is not there.If you don't have a grinder and don't want to have a coffee grinder, that's sad and ok. In that case, go for the not-so-nice pre-ground coffee.


Check the roast date

Times are changing, prices are changing, and consumers are changing. Not everyone is interested in new coffee but if you are, then there are options. Most coffee roasters, even the larger ones, are raising their quality levels as people look to buy better coffee and more sustainably sourced. Because of this variety, it's also important to check the roast date; ideally, you want to buy coffee that has been roasted within the last two to four weeks. 

Choose an origin date that inspires you

Many supermarkets now offer single-origin coffee, just look at the different packets available and choose one that inspires you, whether it's from a different country or you're deep enough to fall for the nice packaging. We're gonna talk about it later - beans and places, it's an interesting subject -.

Don't buy cheap

One thing we'd like to whisper in your ear is, 'don't choose cheap', you're worth spending a few extra hard-earned coins on, what should be, a pleasurable experience. And remember venturing off course is what life is about, get lost in some new flavours, you can always find your way back again if it's not for you. That being said two important points to close our post: choose high-quality beans like Arabica (there are over 120 coffee beans species, but we mostly consume Arabica and Robusta, Robusta is cheap to grow and not that amazing), you should also check the packaging if it's protecting your coffee-bean babies from the light, moisture, and air, they are little gothic vampires, it's just their funny little ways. 

Share with us your thoughts, this journey is much better with friends. See you next time!





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