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December 05, 2023 2 min read

You just saw the weirdest thing ever, a barista pouring water directly into this brewer and nothing underneath it.

How? Why? Is this barista ok? You google "signs of madness and how to deal with it". Seconds pass and no coffee, nor water fell, the world is indeed balanced. No  problem, that's just a Clever Dripper, and kinda clever it is.

The Clever Dripper in the wild, clueless and free.

A hybrid between a pour-over and a French press, the Clever Dripper embodies a smart design that combines the best of both worlds. The magic happens because it has a valve at the bottom that only releases the brewed coffee when placed on top of a cup or a carafe, see? It's not even a form of witchcraft, it's only product design. 

This dripper is made from durable, BPA-free plastic, ensuring it's both sturdy and safe to use: it's lightweight and less prone to breakage compared to glass or ceramic drippers. Shout out to all the clumsy people in this world, we feel you.

Ok, ok, but how does it work?

Here's a little 4-step guide, there's no mystery but attention is required. 

  1. Preparation: Start by placing a paper filter in the Clever Dripper and rinsing it with hot water to eliminate any paper taste and preheat the device.
  2. Coffee-to-Water Ratio: Use a medium-coarse grind for your coffee beans (we use 30g for 450g of water).
  3. Brewing Process:
    • Data show that adding water first and coffee second makes the flowing process smoother (from your dripper to the carafe). But it's ok if you want to do coffee and then water. 
  4. Plunging: After steeping, place the Clever Dripper on top of a mug or carafe. The clever part comes in when you place it on the vessel; the valve at the bottom opens, allowing the brewed coffee to flow through.

    The Clever Dripper is a great alternative for gifts or maybe you just want to make coffee in the big outdoors in your little tiny van sheltering from the wind-driven snow. It brings comfort when you most need it. 

    An easy way to give your coffee brewing game a new twist and pretty much anyone can do it. Even specialty coffee people like this simple toy; inexpensive, effective and great results. What's not to like?

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