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February 14, 2024 3 min read

This post was written by Pierre from The Brew Journal in partnership with the Morning Machine and Espresso Gear. 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When I first started drinking coffee 14 years ago, I wanted an easy way to make decent coffee while I was studying for my year 12 exams, and a pod machine was the clear choice. At the time I knew nothing about speciality coffee. For me the jump from instant coffee to fresh espresso with a pod machine was already huge leap forward!

Pod machines have served as the gateway into coffee for years. Many of us can recall either buying a pod machine for home, or using pods in the office to make coffee. So today we’re going to dive a little deeper into the evolution of Pod machines!

A Brief History
The very first pod machines were developed in the 1980’s by Nestlé. Inspired by a trip to Italy
🇮🇹 and it’s famous espresso culture, the pod machine was designed to replicate the function of an espresso machine in a simple and accessible way - Hot water, under pressure, pushed through finely ground coffee.

It took a while for the market to open up to this new technology… even though the first pod machines were developed in the 80’s, they didn’t really become popular until the 2000’s!

By the early 2010’s the Nestlé patents began to expire, opening up the market and giving any roaster the chance to make pods compatible with Nestlé’s pod machines. This market expansion co-incided with the rapid growth of speciality coffee all over the world, and by the end of the 2010’s the a wide range of speciality roasters around the world offered pods as a part of their coffee line-up.

There was just one small problem… speciality coffee requires a bit more care when brewing than classic Italian espresso, and the pod machines on the market struggled to deliver a high quality product to match the high quality coffee inside the pods.

Until just recently…

Introducing Morning☕️
Founded in 2020, the Morning Machine’s goal has been to deliver a pod machine that has the capabilities to match the needs of specialty coffee pods. Just like the original
pod machines were designed to replicate the espresso machines of the era, the Morning Machines aim to replicate modern espresso machines and the technology available to bring out the potential of high quality pod coffee at home. This proved to be a big need in a market where the demand for speciality coffee was growing, but pod technology was lacking - as Morning was fully funded on kickstarter within 2 days of launch!

 The picture shows two Morning Machines, some pods and there's one coffee cup.

And it’s no wonder why: key features like temperature control, pressure profiling, and weight based brewing are all at the user’s fingertips to help get a perfect brew every time. Finally it’s possible to have the control that you would expect from a high end commercial espresso machine, in an accessible and easy to use format!

For those just starting out on their coffee journey, there are even tailored recipes created by the roasters themselves to help replicate the perfect recipe for their pods! You can taste the coffee as it was intended. A new world of speciality coffee is now here and it’s available for everyone!

Just as the original pod machine has been the gateway to coffee for so many people over the years, the Morning Machine is the new gateway to speciality coffee with its seamless connection to the Morning Mobile App, and featuring all the tools needed to make the most of the high quality speciality coffee.


— P.T.

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