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March 17, 2023 2 min read

New to the coffee world or confused about how to brew your brew, with a cone or a flat bottom filter? Is there even a difference? Sssssshhhh, they do NOT give the same result!

Yes, indeed there are differences and we aren't going to tell you which to choose or exactly how to brew your coffee. You need to get out there and experiment with but we can give you some little tips.

Basically, the speed of the water running, or trickling, through the filter affects the taste as it hits those tasty coffee particles on the way.  This is where the filter shape plays an important part. The flat bottomed filter allows water to be in contact around that flat area, enabling a more even flow through the ground coffee, resulting in a more consistent flavor. Cone filters offer better brewing control and their shape makes for a more even soaking of the grounds and a longer extraction time, which translates into a bolder-tasting brew.

Here's a little overview:

Cone - or V filter


This is filter V02 in transparent colour by Tiamo

  • Water remains in contact with the coffee for longer.
  • The shape of the filter enables the water to give the coffee even saturation.
  • Flavor from the coffee gives more berry, citrus notes
  • Brewing a dark roast in a v filter can enhance bitterness of the brew
  • Use a medium grind for best results

Examples of V / cone filters are Hario, Tiamo and Timemore.

Flat Bottomed Filter

This is filter K02 stainless steel by Tiamo

  • Short extraction time
  • Water runs through the grounds faster
  • Can be harder to ensure coffee is totally saturated
  • Gives a more floral, fruity notes from flat filters

Examples of the flat-bottomed coffee filters are Kalita wave and Tiamo unbleached filter. Some of the great brewers say this is an easier method to get started as it's harder to go wrong...others say they can result in a weaker cup of coffee. We leave it to you to be the judge of your brew!

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