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March 12, 2024 2 min read

For the Nordic Coffee Fest we asked some of our partners in crime coffee to send their favourite brewing recipes. For those who came to the fair the free printed brochure was available but worry not for those not in the NCF hood, we'll share all the recipes once a week here and on our Instagram @espressogear 

The second recipe comes directly from Stockholm and was written by Pierre from The Brew Journal. You can subscribe to The Brew Journal newsletter here

This is barista Pierre Tymms brewing the AeroPress.                                                      That's Pierre having the best time with his AeroPress

The Aeropress is a versatile brewer that should feature in any coffee lovers arsenal. I travelled with one when I went backpacking in Europe for 4 months back in 2017 (kitchen scales and hand grinder included, yes I got funny looks in the hostels).

This is the exact recipe I used to come second in the Swedish Aeropress Championships in 2019.

The Recipe
• 24g Coffee (ground fine)
• 150ml water straight off the boil (to brew with)
• ~100ml cold water for bypass
• 2 Aeropress filters, rinsed

The Method
1. Inverted Method, add coffee, then quickly add all 150ml boiling water
2. Stir like crazy for ~15 seconds (to about 40s)
3. Cap the Aeopress with 2 Aeropress paper filters and gently press out all the air *remember to take the Aeropress of the scales before doing this!
4. At 1:15 flip and press slowly to 1:40
5. Bypass with ~100ml water (or dilute to desired strength)

The result gives a juicy and full body, with a lot of sweetness. If you’re an Aeropress lover this recipe is definitely worth a try!

Find everything you need to try Pierre's recipe on our AeroPress collection

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