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March 17, 2023 2 min read

Filtering it out

Millions of paper filters are used and thrown every year, which is totally understandable as we've yet to come across any really good and hygenic cloth filters. If you have, let us know! But sadly, paper practicality wins for most coffee folk out there.

Today we want to talk about 5 coffee filters we regularly use here at Espresso Gear, which all brew coffee but in a slightly different way:

#5 - V60 Size 2 by Timemore
Filter paper v60 size 2 100pcs by Timemore
V60 / Cone filter paper made from natural fibres for the most picky of brewers. The even density of fibres make this a popular choice for those in the know to make your brew flow perfectly. A bit more expensive than Hario but maybe worth the extra investment?

#4 - Micro-Filters 350p by AeroPress
Filter papers 350p by AeroPress
If you brew with AeroPress you'll already be familiar with these paper discs which help you brew coffee with a smooth flavour and clean body by preventing micro grounds entering your cup. No need to fold these filters, just pop it into the base of the AeroPress and rinse prior to brewing (to remove any paper taste).

#3 - V60 Size 2 Bleached by Hario

Japan Filter Paper V60 Size 2 Bleached 100pcs by Hario
There are two types of Hario in our range, they look the same but one is manufactured in Holland and the other in Japan. They're so similar but oh so different. The one from Japan is a bit more pricey as it has a slightly different paper construction  (just hold it up to the light to see how the fibres are there shouldn't be any gaps) For those of you who are curious about the crisp cut lines of these Hario V02 filters compared to other filters, feel free to live life on the edge and change your grind size to see how your brew differs.

#2 - Wave #185 White 100pc by Kalita
Filter paper Wave #185 White 100pc by Kalita
Naturally bleached with oxygen. Suitable for use with any flat-bottomed dripper whether it be stainless steel as the Kalita wave, glass-like the Gino dripper or ceramic K drippers from Tiamo. If you have a smaller dripper then you'll need the 155 Kalita papers.

And our number 1 is... Square by Chemex!

Filter Paper Square 100p by Chemex

Don't be fooled by cheaper imposters – these filters are the real deal and, in our humble opinion, there's no other option for Chemex brewing. Why, you ask?

Chemex pre-folded filter papers are easy to use and give a different taste to most filter papers due to their thickness. They are 20-30 % heavier than competitive brands and remove even the finest sediment particles as well as undesirable oils and fats.

The cone shape, exactly as in laboratory techniques, ensures uniform extraction as the water filters through all the grounds on its way to the apex of the cone; regulating the filtration rate – not too slow, not too fast.

The Chemex filter is strong and won't burst under the weight of the liquid during filtration or break when lifting out the grounds.

This is our list, depending on how we brew but it's definitely the filters we sell the most of.

Hope this helps!

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