Espresso Gear


Stainless Steel Filter Aeropress size


Permanent metal filter which can be used with or instead of filter papers when  brewing with the Aeropress or Delter coffee press.

You'll notice a different taste experience. This permanent stainless steel filter features hundreds of holes that allow a small amount of micro grounds and natural oils through to your mug to produce a completely different flavor profile.

Place the metal filter in the screw off filter holder, put your ground coffee in, water and press for a good, smooth brew.


  • Reusable filter, no need for paper filters
  • For use with all Aeropress coffee brewers
  • Rinse with water after use, we don't recommend dishwashing
  • Unlike paper filters, this disc lets oils through into your brew, enhancing the taste

Please note there can be sediment in your cup, depending on how fine you grind your coffee.