Grinder Vario - Baratza


Beautifully designed, robust and durable. Meet the Vario, built to last and do the job well.  Durable enough for either home use or commercial use. We'd recommend this grinder for someone who's an experienced brewer looking for great grind consistency.

It's easy to use and actually has an impressive 230 grinder settings. On the right hand size you've 10 main settings and the left ables you to fine tune in 23 stepped settings. So you don't have to remember the exact settings you like you can program 3 of your favorites.

The flat ceramic burrs ensure a highly consistent grind with the ability to grind from 230 - 1150 microns and fast! Vario can grind at a rate of 1.6 - 2.2g per second.



  • Burrs: Ø 54 mm, steel, conical
  • Grind range (microns): 230 – 1150
  • Steps of adjustment: 10 macro x
  • Fine-tune adjustment: 23 micro = 230
  • Speed to grind: 1,6 – 2,2 g/s
  • Hopper capacity: 230 g
  • Grounds bin capacity: 180 g
  • Weight: 4,8 kg
  • 220v
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 13x36x18 (cm)

Easy to remove burrs for cleaning, we recommend using Cafetto grinder cleaner to remove oil residue to ensure your coffee taste is not tainted.