Carafe Pourover LAB w/ SS filter 600ml - Kinto


Japanese designed coffee brewer in the design of a fun experiment with fun English text on the server.

The Pourover carafe is from the range "Slow Coffee Style", which includes drip cones, kettle, brewers, carafe sets and servers.

Available in either:

300ml for single or 2 cup servings of coffee

600ml for 3- 4 cup servings


Reusable stainless steel cone filter

Glass carafe with handle

Plastic drip catcher

Coffee dripped through a stainless steel filter retains more coffee oil, which brings you the rich aroma of coffee, with the added benefit that the filter can be reused.

The quality of the finish of the cone is of a high quality equivalent to that of the Kone or Cores metal filters but in a smaller version.


  1. Put the stainless steel filter in the carafe. Pour approximately 20 g* (for 300 ml) of ground coffee into the filter. *Adjust the amount of ground coffee and hot water to suit your taste, we recommend ca 10g / 150ml cup.
  2. Pour a small amount of hot water into the centre of the coffee mound and let it bloom for 30 seconds. Then slowly pour more hot water, drawing a spiral from the centre. The white dot on the carafe is the reference point for 300 ml. Stop pouring when the dripped coffee reaches the dot.
  3. Remove the stainless steel filter and pour the coffee into a cup. Enjoy the time brewing and the taste of ‘slow coffee’.