Cold water coffee dripper - wood stand 10 cup - Tiamo


This brewer makes up to 10 cups of coffee.

Fill top glassbulb with water and ice. Adjust the dripping to your preference and expect the brewing process to take about 3-7 hours.

The result is a beautiful clean, and sweet cup of coffee. See also stainless steel cold water dripper.

1. Dosing and grinding

As always, this is according to taste, but start with the base ratio of 10g of coffee per 100ml of brewed coffee, so if you are making ½ liter, use 50gr of coffee. Add the ground coffee to the stainless steel filter. When grinding, start with a normal drip grind and adjust it a bit finer depending on the coffee being used.

3. Water and Ice

Fill the container on top with a mix of fresh ice and cold water, depending on how much coffee you are making.

4. Drip speed

Adjust the valve so that the water drips at a speed of about 1 drop /second  or 1,5 seconds.  Return to the brewer midway through its brew, as the lower water volumes in the top carafe may require an adjustment on the drip time mechanism to speed things up a bit and maintain the 40 -60 drips per minute speed.

5. Chill

After the brewing process is complete, the coffee will be at room temperature. Before you serve it, you should put it in the fridge. Alternatively serve it in a glass with lots of ice.


The stainless steel coffee filter is designed to be used as is and without filter paper. It is possible, however, to add paper filters both below the grounded coffee and on top of the coffee (to distribute the dripping water evenly) if you wish. Brewing cycle is normally between 3-5 hours.