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Filter V02 Transparent - Tiamo

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One of the most economical ways to brew with a V02 filter for those new to brewing or out travelling.

The Tiamo plastic V02 dripper is designed for those wanting to make pour over coffee but maybe aren't ready to invest in a more expensive filter holder. The internal ribs and 3 holes ensures you make great coffee with bright flavors and a clean taste. The dripper comes complete with a coffee measuring scoop in the box.


  • Plastic
  • Ribbed to encourage coffee flow
  • V shaped to work with V02 filter paper; such as Hario V02
  • Great travelling filter, light weight and less easy to break

Short explanation of different filter types:

V02 = Filter is shaped as a "V"

102 = Classic Melitta types of filter. Shaped such as a "__/"

K02 = Round flat bottom with curly top eges (number means the size, 01 is for 1-2- cups and 02 is for 2-4 cups)