Mug 6oz Charcoal 4pcs - Huskee


Whether you're thinking about new cups for home, your business or on the go, these Huskee cups deliver with style. Not just good looking, these cups are made partly from a waste product from the coffee roasting process, the husk.

Sophisticated and sustainable.

Buy your coffee in a Huskee, reuse and save another paper takeaway cup from landfill, every cup makes a difference.


  • Coffee husk as a raw material, turning waste into a useable product
  • Durable - they've been tested rigorously in cafe environments
  • Keeps coffee warmer for longer without burning your hands
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Smart draining vents on the bottom to ensure water runs off after washing
  • Cups are also stackable and space saving
  • Available in two colors, natural and charcoal
  • Sold in either packs of 4 or single units with lid
  • 3 different sizes, 6oz (175ml), 8oz (235ml) and 12oz (350ml)
  • Also available in the same raw material and both colors

Saucers are interlocking and fit all cup sizes with the 'Hill & Valley Locking System'. The base of each cup acts like a valley which nests into the 'hill' of the saucer's centre ensuring there's reduced wobble when carrying your brew.

Please note this is not a thermos cup, it will keep your drink warmer than other take away cups and will look noticeably nice too.

    Huskee’s Universal Lid features a triangulation of vents on its roof. These vents increase the aromatics of your drinking experience, whilst also enabling the ideal pour rate. They fit every cup size and are made from the same unique husk material.