Not Neutral


Porcelain Creamer – Lino 3oz – NotNeutral


Elegant NotNeutral creamer from the Lino range.

Exquisite in form and function the Lino range works for any occasion whether it be every day or social gatherings. Pure class, elegance and quality.

While the creamer serves a different function and has a personality all its own, its form nevertheless marks it as a member of the family.  Echoing the pulled character of the handles, the spout of the creamer is a fluid extension of the vessel's body.  The creamer sits alongside the LINO coffee mug like a loyal friend.



Same design as the Lino range

  • 89ml (3oz)
  • Fine porcelain
  • Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
  • 7.6cm H x 7cm W

Also available in 1oz (30ml)