Not Neutral


Porcelain Mug - Lino 10oz/30cl - NotNeutral


Eternal classic and quality mugs from NotNeutral which are always a firm favorite.

Exquisite in form and function the Lino range works for any occasion whether it be every day or social gatherings. Pure class, elegance and quality; we love this range. Timelessly elegant and great quality.

NotNeutral have studied the ergonomics of grips and handles, the dynamics of fluid during a pour and the interplay between the cups’ mouth and nose during a sip. Through this careful examination of the baristas’ pouring and the consumers’ drinking experiences, they have successfully created this line of cups, a family of cups and serving dishes that provides exquisite form and function.


  • 10oz / 30cl
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Available in black, grey, yellow, red, stone, canary, rhubarb, lotus green, blue and green
  • Customizable with your logo!

The following versions are also available:

  • Espresso cup 9cl
  • Cappuccino cup 18cl
  • Small latte cup 24cl
  • Large latte cup 36cl
  • Coffee cup 30 cl
  • Pulled plates
  • Creamer
  • Colored mugs

You're welcome to buy cups singularly, at this price but they're also available in packs of 6.