Filter System Claris Swiss - Sage


Filtration to ensure your coffee tastes as perfect as possible.

Water filters for the newer Sage coffee machines. Check this filter is suitable for your machine!  

The Sage Claris filter ensures that the water is clean and fresh for brewing and reduces calc build up in the machine giving you a better cup of coffee.

This special filter captures impurities and undesirable substances in water such as copper, lead, chlorine, pesticides and limits the amount of scale.

Filter should be changed every 2 months, as indicated by the date dial on the filter holder. When your machines needs changing, it'll let you know - approx every 2 months.

ClaroSwiss water filter for the owners of:

  • Oracle Touch (SES990) 
  • Barista Touch (SES880)
  • Duo Temp Pro (BES810) 
  • Barista Express(BES875)
Model: SES008WHT0NEU1