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Tamper mat Robusta - Espresso Gear


Small, durable tamper mat which protects the surface you’re tamping on.

Robusta Silicone tamping mat. A good, durable, tamping mat is a must. You don't want to damage that wonderful wooden or stainless work bench.Robusta is made from durable 3 mm Food-Safe Silicone. Since it is smaller and thinner than it's bigger brother "Edge tamping mat", it fits perfectly in home kitchens or smaller bars.We are proud to be one of the few producers of 100% Food-Safe espresso related products. 140mm in diameter.


  • 3mm thick silicon
  • 100% food safe
  • Durable
  • Perfect size for smaller places of espresso making magic
  • Round 14cm in diameter - not to be mistaken for a frisbee