Scale Dual Sensor - Timemore


Tada...another unique and immense product from the amazing team at Timemore...the Black Mirror. A sleek and modern digital scale which is great for professionals or home users.
We just know you'll love it, the packaging, the way the product nestles in its luxurious box and the way it looks like a normal drip-stand, until you touch it!  The figures are invisible until you touch the on button
The unique feature with the dual sensor is that it shows two weight readings, one of the total weight of water poured and the other of the extracted coffee in your server.
      • Bluetooth connection
      • Drip stand
      • USB chargeable - cable included
      • 2 weighing sensors
      • Matt black 
      • Water resistant (apart from charging port)
      • Stand is movable both height and from left to right, as well as detachable
      • Normal drip stand height is 17cm, can be extended by 4cm
      • Dimensions 150 mm x 130 mm x 26 mm
      • Time and weight are displayed on the LCD screen
      • Auto tare and auto start modes
      • 0,1g accuracy
      • Max capacity of lower scale is 2000g
      • Max capacity of upper bracket scale is 1000g

The box includes:
- Timemore Black Mirror Dual Sensor Scale
- Drip stand
- USB-C cable
- Silicon heat pad