Kettle Fish 600ml - Timemore


This very special range of kettles from Timemore is truly awesome. We guarantee you will be impressed from the moment you receive the box with your Timemore kettle.


  • Made from the highest quality 304 stainless steel (trust us; that's good)
  • 90° straight down, vertical flow of water makes it pouring stable and precise.
  • Responsive; can pour or stop immediately
  • Continuous water flow; no stop starts or jerky actions
  • Ergonomically designed so it even feels good to hold
  • 3 layers of teflon coating to increase the wear resistance in the coating
  • Copper inner wall to ensure heat is retained for longer


    • 600ml version is perfect for 2-3 cups.
    • 6mm spout
    • 138mm high, width at base 91mm

    Please note - this kettle is not made for use on a hob of any kind!