Coldbrew Home System -Toddy


A great set to have at home for those who want to make cold brew at home in an easy but professional way. The result will be clean, smooth, fruity coffee with no acidic taste.

You'll get 1100ml of coffee per brew in this simple way. The process takes 12 hours and involves very little attention.

You can use the coffee made this way chilled or as a base for other drinks, get creative and make a whole range of inspirational drinks!  You can even use the brewer for cold brew tea.

The set is easy to maintain, solid and BPA-free.

The box contains:
- Brewing Container
- Glass Decanter
- Decanter Lid
- Brewing Handle
- 2 Toddy Filters
- 1 Rubber Stopper
- Bilingual (English and French) packaging

Check out Toddy on their YouTube channel for more inspiration.
Toddy code: THM