Porcelain Mug - Lino Indigo 10oz/30cl - NotNeutral


NotNeutral mug, quality, comfort and design in one. Can be profiled with your logo too!


  • 10oz / 30cl
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Available in black, grey, yellow, red, stone, canary, rhubarb, lotus green, blue and green
  • Customizable with your logo!

Please note that as the mugs are colored by hand there can be variation in the color and coverage.

The following versions of the Lino range are also available:

  • Espresso cup 9cl
  • Cappucxino cup 18cl
  • Small latte cup 24cl
  • Large latte cup 36cl
  • Coffee cup 30 cl
  • Pulled plates
  • Creamer
  • Colored mugs
  • You're welcome to buy cups singularly, at this price but they're also available in packs of 6.