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mars 17, 2023 2 minsta läsning

Inverted Inquisition

You've seen it before, it looks simple but coffee folk have created complex competitions and world wowing champions based on their ability to work this plunger device. Yes, there's a lot more than meets the eye when you consider the humble AeroPress.

It's basically a plastic tube that is inserted into another tube with a rubber seal but with some almost magical powers that makes coffee taste different.

There are many recipes of not so old that tell you how to make your AP coffee, we'll give you one but firmly believe that you've got to find your own path, your own beans and your own caffeinated way. A life lesson it is not; we can't tell you what you like, but we can give you a little inkling as to where to start your AeroPress journey...

You will need:

  • An AeroPress
  • Circular filters (that come with your AP)
  • Hot water
  • A grinder hand or electric because freshly ground is ALWAYS better.
  • Scales
  • Timer / phone

A rough outline of what a recipe is based on:

  • 15-18g of ground coffee
  • Grind your coffee finer than sea salt
  • 200g water
  • Water temperature 93-98°C
  • Brew time 1-1.30mins

This is the crazy inverted method (kind of upside down) which you'll have to do a quick flip move at the end (comes with a not to try if you're afraid of drama warning)

Step 1 - wash the filter with warm water, not only to remove the paper taste but to help the filter stay in place and warm up your coffee receivin vessel.

Step 2 - ensure the AP is dry to get the best pressure and assemble

Step 3- place on your scale, so it is standing on the plunger end. Unscrew the filter and tare your scale.

Step 4 - using the funnel like contraption that comes with your AP, pour in the coffee grounds.

Step 5 - grab a timer and add twice the amount of hot water as coffee, ensuring it is saturated. Give it a confident stir and then let it rest for 30 seconds.

Step 6 - top up the water up to 200g, wait 1 minute, stir and then...prepare ninja skills

Step 7 - Screw the cap with filter on and show it who's boss. Time for flip n push! Once the AP is on the vessel apply pressure and see the coffee flow.

You'll know when your magic is complete as the plunger will have reluctantly made it to the bottom and there's a hissing sound.

As a little feedback if it was really easy to push, you might have ground your coffee too coarse so the water is pushed through to quickly; too hard to push and perhaps you've ground too finely.

This inverted methods allows the coffee grounds to be immersed for longer and thereby increases the extraction. Many people prefer this method as you've more control and the coffee oils mix when you do your flip. Be careful though, the chances of burning your little paws are greater when doing your little circus act.

You can buy your AeroPress right here with us. 


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