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mars 31, 2023 2 minsta läsning

Clean that grinder! 

So many people use their grinders until they get jammed with coffee oils and particles and won't work anymore. Don't let that happen. It's easy to prevent and with a little love, your grinder and your brew will be a lot happier. You'll be rewarded with a finer and sweeter cup of coffee.

This process goes whether you've a hand held grinder or have invested in a high end electric grinder. Clean burrs work better for longer!

Why you should clean your grinder?

It might not be the first thing you think of when you're grinding your new beans but the state of your grinder will affect your coffee's taste. Eventually, without even noticing, those sticky coffee oils will build up causing your grinder will work less effectively and your brew will taste a nasty kind of different.

A coffee grinder that is free of oils and build up will give you a fresh, delicious brew.

You'll notice, if you're grinding darker roasted beans that the greasy build up happens quicker than if you're using lighter roasted beans. Remember, the longer you leave your cleaning chore, the longer it will take to clean it.  

How often should you clean your grinder?

A good clean once a week should be fine if you're grinding daily, if you're making coffee less often, then every other week will be fine. 

What's the cleaning procedure? 

The image displays GC2 Grinder cleaner by Cafetto

You don't have to take your grinder apart for this or be a high level mechanic. Unplug your grinder and remove the hopper if you have an electric grinder. Empty out any beans that are still in the grinding chamber and dust off any particles that you see with a rounded brush like our soft cleaning brush. 

Then it's simple, add a lid full of Cafetto Grinder Clean or GC2, nothing in these products is harmful to you or your grinder. It will absorb the oils and ensure the burrs are much happier for longer.

Don't worry about any residual dust or particle, they're harmless but could be good to brush them away and run some regular beans through after, just to season your burrs.

Voila! - a clean grinder that will serve you better coffee for a longer time.


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