Minipresso NS2 Pod - Wacaco

Pods on the go? 

If you like good coffee on the road or you want to treat your work colleagues to a different kind of brew, try this! A perfect present to yourself or any coffee lover.

It's smaller and lighter than the Minipresso NS so even better for travelling. If you like a little espresso then look no further. As everything is already pre-prepared in a capsule there's little room for error or mess - just add hot water and a pod. Voila! 

The Minipresso NS2 is definitely your best choice to quickly enjoy up to 60 ml of delicious espresso at home, in the office, and on the go. Works with Nespresso original capsules as well as other brands but please note capsules with filter paper membranes are NOT compatible!

Might be small but still can belt out an impressive 18lbs of pressure, giving a good crema to your espresso. You'll notice the exterior looks kind of wholesome, almost a bit oaty, that's because it's partly made from a BPA free wheat based plastic.

Extra info

  • Dimensions: 129x70x60 mm
  • weight: 290 g
  • water dispenser size: 80 ml
  • coffee dispenser size: 8 g
  • maximum pressure: 18 bars (261 psi).

Included with the minipresso is a textile bag, a built-in coffee cup and cleaning brush.