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Sculptor 078 Electric Grinder Black

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Heavy duty art work - only EU version

A sculptor, before this grinder came about was the name of someone who moulds and forms artwork, now meet the machine that shapes your grinds. It's a pretty piece of work with a relatively small footprint and a big impact on your brewing.


The positive build up for this electric grinder has been massive and many of those in the coffee world have given it not only a thumbs up for its performance but are eager to get a hold of one for themselves. This is serious kit. A grinder that's not only solid metal but is aesthetically pleasing and consistent in its work.

This is the first electric grinder from Timemore has been massively supported by Kickstarter and now has CE certifications so it can be sold in Europe.

There will be 4 electric grinders in the range;

  • Pour Over preference, you'll want either the Sculptor 078 or 064 (this number refers to the burr size)
  • Espresso expertise, then choose the grinders 078s or 064s

Due to the alignment of the small parts within the Sculptor, it is NOT recommended to disassemble the grinder.

All the grinders have the same basic features:

  • An easy to remove burr which is held in by magnets
  • Auto off function once it has finished grinding
  • A red grind size indicator 
  • Large silver on / off switch
  • 36 grind settings which can be set with the front dial.
  • Hopper Capacity 45- 50g
  • The diameter for the cup is around 57mm therefore fits 58mm portafilters
  • 078 & 064 are stepped, the espresso versions are stepless
  • Brushless motor - there's no friction so your motor will live longer and be quieter
  • A rotary 'knock' system to shake off those fines with an easy twist
  • Adjustable RPM
  • Magnetic grind cup and hopper lid

The 078 is a perfect choice for those who only want to brew pour over, drip or French Press, with its 78mm 'vortex knife' burr set.

You'll be obsessed with grind knocker, it gives a satisfying click and really does get rid of all those fines.

Use the adjustable RPM to optimize your grind size distribution, a slower RPM can give reduced fines.

With Sculptor you'll experience high grinding uniformity and has a low fines rate to give a better and more consistent extraction rate. It's recommended to give your grinder a quick clean after each use with the airblower and every other week with Cafetto Grinder Cleaner.


  • Size 26.1 x 11.8 x 29.4cm
  • Body - aluminium alloy / stainless steel
  • Weight 6.81kg
  • Power 400w EU 2 pin plug
  • Grind Range: Pour over to French press (36 settings)
  • Adjustable burr speed: RPM 800 - 1400 
  • 78mm burrs
  • EU version, not compatible with US voltage

In the box you'll get not only a grinder but ...

  • A cable
  • An airblower
  • A container
  • A cleaning brush