XF Dripper Matt Black - Fellow


Tried and tested, we loved it! Easy to use and we got great results with the flat bottom for nice, even flow and clean tasting coffee.

The Fellow Stagg XF pour-over dripper brews up to 600ml. Steep walls allow you to pour a long, tall fill up brew method, a great combo of an immersion and a pour over brew.  

Additional tray enables you to measure a proper amount of coffee and can work as a drip tray. Stainless steel body retains heat while brewing and makes the dripper durable. The drainage is held by a silicone gasket.
No scale? No problem. A built-in ratio aid ensures you use the correct amount of beans every time, while the cup doubles as a drip-catcher.

We even use it with the Fellow Shimmy to ensure the finely ground coffee doesn't slow down and over extract the pourover brew.

10 XF paper filters included.