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mars 19, 2024 2 minsta läsning

For the Nordic Coffee Fest we asked some of our partners in crime coffee to send their favourite brewing recipes. For those who came to the fair the free printed brochure was available but worry not for those not in the NCF hood, we'll share all the recipes once a week here and on our Instagram @espressogear 

From our hometown, Gothenburg, comes Morgon Coffee Roasters and Gabriella, Morgon's coffee educator that shared her favourite Clever Dripper recipe with us. You can find out about Morgon by visiting their website

This is Gabriella Runesson from Morgon and she's responsible for wholesale and customer relations, education and workshops. She's also an amazing person <3                                                     This for sure was Gabriella after a cup of her brew  

For all the fellow lazy morning folk, here’s my recipe for the Clever Dripper that almost brews itself. I use 20g of coffee for 300g of water, medium grind size with a total brew time of around 3:30. Enjoy! 

1. Rinse the filter 
2. Heat the water to 96°C
3. Grind the coffee medium to fine size
4. Pour 300g of water into the Clever Dripper
5. Put 20g of your favorite coffee in the water and give it a good stir to make sure all the coffee is covered with water
6. Put the lid on and leave the coffee to brew for 2 minutes
7. Give it another good stir to ensure all the coffee sinks to the bottom of the dripper, so the water will run though evenly. Wait 30 seconds until settled
8. Put your Clever Dripper on the vessel of you choice and magically the water will release. This will take about a minute

Enjoy the feeling of sunshine and butterflies slowly being released!

Find all gear necessary to enjoy a delicious cup of Clever dripper right here Favourite Brewing Methods Collection - Clever Dripper.

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